About - Liora
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Liora Bels is a plant-based whole foods Chef, Certified Nutrition Expert and Author of „The Mix – A loving Blend of Plant-Based Recipes“. Her philosophy is rooted in a holistic approach and she strongly believes that a conscious lifestyle and a healthy, wholesome plant-based cuisine have a great, positive impact on our overall well-being and can ensure a better future for us and the planet.

The emotional aspect of the art of eating well and living a conscious lifestyle has always been dear to her heart. Traveling and living abroad for many years has given her valuable insights and inspiration into aesthetic and culinary expression, and has nourished her long sowed fascination with nutrition and her deep interest in its beneficial effects and healing properties.

Liora chose to deepen her dedication by broadening her knowledge and devoting herself to this career path. She has studied with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. and with Matthew Kenney’s Plantlab Culinary.

The field of nutrition is constantly developing. Liora is consistently trying to widen her knowledge about nutrition and the art of eating well, always intent on incorporating her expertise into her wholesome recipes.


I love natural food and I am deeply fascinated by the emotional aspect of eating a healthy cuisine.

The beauty of nutrition, the aromas, natural colors, and how the aesthetic allure of refined cooking works to spark our emotions—all of this enchants me.

During my childhood, the kitchen was the place where it all happened. My beloved dad was a wonderful hobby chef, a virtuoso in the kitchen. He was all about taste, texture and freshness, and he was deeply passionate about experimenting with ingredients. He celebrated eating with joy and pleasure—and with his passion for making a mess in the kitchen!

But what influenced me the most was his philosophy that food not only nurtures, but also brings people together, that it can make you fall in love and that the taste and scent of it creates memories. It can bring us back to our childhood, remind us of special moments, make us dream. Spices may even inspire us to take trips to faraway places.

I believe that wholesome food has a tremendous impact on our bodies, minds, and on our lives in so many wonderful ways. It’s very important to make time to listen to your body instead of just following trends that suggest that there is only one right way to eat or live. There is no specific eating plan that suits everyone the same way. It’s not about labels or about counting calories, and it’s certainly not about restriction or following a “diet” for a certain period of time.

My personal food philosophy has a beginning and no end. It’s about abundance, pleasure, and the celebration of the wonderful produce nature has to offer: whole, organic, plant-based foods in their least processed state combined to create a healthy, vibrant, and delicious cuisine.

I believe in a holistic, balanced approach to life. By creating daily rituals of eating nourishing foods, adding more plants to your diet, sleeping well, incorporating stress management, and working out in the way that’s right for you, you can create a sustainable positive effect on your life today and in the future. The benefits of a healthy routine are truly limitless.

Since the field of nutrition is always developing and changing, I am constantly trying to learn and grow with it, to widen my knowledge about healthful food, the art of eating well, and living a conscious life. My intention is to reflect and to incorporate this in my wholesome recipes and lifestyle. This is truly an exciting, interesting, and delicious journey that I am happy and grateful to share with you.