ABOUT - Liora
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Liora Bels is a Health Food Chef, Certified Nutrition Expert and a Food & Style Consultant.

She is passionate about nourishing, wholesome and delicious food and a thoughtful lifestyle. Bels was born and raised in Berlin, Germany.
She grew up in a household where health as well as the importance of good quality and exquisite culinary art were high on the agenda.
Bels’ philosophy is rooted in a holistic approach and she strongly believes that a conscious lifestyle has a great, positive impact on our overall wellbeing and a better future.

During her world-wide travels and living abroad for many years she gained valuable insights and cultivated her long sowed fascination with nutrition
and healthy food. 
She attended the BSA-Akademie, Berlin, Germany and has completed a Masterlist Nutrition Supplements Program and Conscious
Eating Program with Dr. Gabriel Cousens MD, MD(H), DD.

Bels delivers food workshops which aim to educate people about conscious eating and consults for numerous clients in the gastronomy, design, health, sports
and travel sectors on their food and lifestyle concept. 
She focuses on healthy, delicious food, aesthetically refined cuisine that is simple with natural ingredients, whole, unprocessed,
organic and plant-based. Bels is constantly trying to widen her knowledge about nutrition and the art of eating well always intent on incorporating that in her wholesome recipes.