Vitamix and Liora Bels established a cooperation with a conviction that we can all have a better future through whole-food nutrition. As a testimonial chef Bels will create and share exclusive recipes designed for high-performance blenders from Vitamix. Bels inspires people to pursue a natural, wholesome way of living with fresh, unprocessed ingredients. She cooks with the belief that a holistic, conscious, pleasurable diet has a sustainable and positive impact on our health, emotions and overall wellbeing. This holistic approach as well as the beliefs and values for a healthier lifestyle harmoniously unite Liora Bels and Vitamix.

Liora Bels has teamed up with  SXILLS – ATHLETES TRAINING CLUB to develop a sports program and accompanying holistic food routine. The aim is to build strength, power, speed and quickness while reducing injury potential. The customized nutrition program helps the body achieve its full potential and boost the performance. Liora Bels and SXILLS ATC deliver holistic workshops, coaching and training camps for professional athletes (e.g. Athletes Workshop) and people who are keen to live a healthy, active, conscious life.