About - Liora
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About me

I am a holistic well-being professional who focuses on educating, inspiring, and nurturing others on their personal journey of self-exploration toward inner peace and living a wholesome life congruent with their truth and purpose.


Having faced deep crises in my life, I have experienced profound transformation through my inner work process of self-inquiry. I’ve learned that healing and growth happen inside of you. It’s about going inward. I’m committed to serving others by supporting them to find clarity, and wisdom within themselves, recognize and live in their authenticity, and cultivate inner peace.


My work is rooted in a holistic approach – filled with carefully curated teachings, tools, practices, and deep conversations.

I provide both individual and group sessions as well as curated retreat programs.


As a Natural Chef and Nutrition Expert I focus on the simplicity and quality of ingredients that deliver nutritional value.


My expertise lies in food preparation, flavor development, and aesthetically refined presentation.


I stand for healthy pleasure and indulgence from taste to style.


I am a storyteller and a voice of inspiration.

I am speaking for brand events, festivals, panels, and conferences on profound topics that assist the audience in their growth to live with meaning and presence.


My keen interest is to collaborate with people, companies, and brands who share the same vision and philosophy to make this world a more healthful, authentic, and kinder place.


I am convinced that cultivating a community based on a well-being-oriented culture and value system, with the willingness to grow, will change how we show up in this world and for generations to come.




Dr. John Demartini – Breakthrough Experience Training
Gabby Bernstein – Spirit Junkie Masterclass
Marie Forleo – B-School Training Program
BSA – Nutrition Coach Certification
Dr. Gabriel Cousens – Tree of Life Nutrition Mastery
Matthew Kenney’s Plantlab Culinary – Plant-Based and Raw Cuisine Masterclass