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Living a balanced way of life is about the combination of eating whole, delicious foods that are nourishing and energizing, taking care of yourself and others, and about the sustainable coexistence of people and nature. Conscious living is holistic. Liora Bels’ philosophy as a specialist on healthy eating and wholesome living revolves around the positive effects nutrition can have on body and soul and the benefits of a plant-based diet. THE MIX - A LOVING BLEND OF PLANT-BASED RECIPES offers vibrant, simple, and healthy everyday meals, that are rich in wholesome, natural, fresh ingredients and easy to make. Eating well must not be stressful, but rather a celebration of the goods nature has to offer. You will find scrumptious smoothies, nutritious spreads and dips, tasty soups, bowls, and even sweets and treats. Beautiful imagery allows a glimpse into a holistic lifestyle and Liora’s inspiring sense for aesthetics. THE MIX is a treat for eyes and taste buds and not exclusively for the health-conscious reader.




I am beyond grateful to have very talented and creative experts by my side that helped me realize the vision I have and make this cookbook come to life.

To my wonderful photographer and friend Mirjam Knickriem. Thank you for capturing colorful and sensual images of me throughout special moments of my life for the past 10 years. Priceless. Your keen sense of my style and authenticity helped me express my passion for food. Your images are truly beautiful and captivating.

Thank you, Stephen Paris, for your artistic vision, for sharing the same sense of aesthetics as my own, and for translating my vision and passion into a beautiful visual language. Working with you is a great pleasure. This is just the beginning. „Dreams don’t have deadlines“ - LL Cool J

Thank you, dear Nicola E. Steinigeweg, for being a wonderful assistant and for translating the book into German. You brought so much joy and warmth to the project.

Tiala Brown, my dear friend! Thank you for your kindness and love. You’ve read through my entire book before it was printed, you gave me the most beautiful subtitle. Your eloquence and warmth have helped put my idea, my thoughts, my feelings into an aesthetically refined structure.

Thank you, dearest Andrea Hawkins, for being a wonderful and loving friend and for supporting me and being so kind and generous to lend me a few of your treasures. Your impeccable taste and work as a Stylist and Interior Designer can be seen on the following pages:

page 108: bottom right, page 109: top left, page 111, page 119: bottom, page 148/149, page 171, page 173, page 187: middle/rug, page 190: top left/ceramics, page 203

Thank you, dear Patrycia Lukas for introducing me to the publisher teNeues.


You are a certified Health Food Specialist, what exactly does healthy eating and conscious living mean to you?
It is a holistic, balanced approach to life that incorporates nourishing food, sleeping well, managing stress, and working out in the way that is right for you. About paying attention to what we eat, how we live, and finding the right daily rituals for a healthy routine. I believe that food has a tremendous impact on our bodies, and minds, and on our lives in so many wonderful ways. It is very important to make time to listen to your body instead of just following trends that suggest that there is only one right way to eat or live. There is no specific eating plan that suits everyone in the same way. It is not about labels, or about counting calories, and it is certainly not about restriction or a limited period of time. My personal food philosophy has a beginning and no end, it is about abundance, pleasure, and the celebration of the wonderful produce nature has to offer: whole, organic, plant-based foods in its least processed state that create a healthy, vibrant, and delicious cuisine. I believe in the healing benefits of plant-based wholesome nutrition and am overwhelmed about how it connects with our bodies, the sustainable positive effect it has on us, our overall well-being, and our future. I am also fascinated by the emotional aspect of eating a healthy cuisine. It not only nurtures, but takes one on a journey, brings people together, or makes one fall in love. The taste and scent of it creates memories and can bring us back to our childhood, remind us of special moments. Different spices may inspire one to take trips to faraway places. The beauty about nutrition and of my cooking is that it sparks emotions. Incorporating more plants into your eating habits, taking care of yourself, adopting a healthier, balanced routine, celebrating natural food and integrating daily rituals can help you achieve a sustainable change in your lifestyle and how you feel.

How do you develop and perfect your recipes?
I love letting myself be inspired by my travels, by different cultures, nature, marketplaces, even creative expression, architecture, and design. Colors, scents, aromas, and taste inspire me, but also great food blogs or restaurants help me find new ideas. Sometimes I will pick a classic recipe and transform it into a new one by using alternative nutritious products. Developing recipes and preparing the food is a process I enjoy. From carefully choosing the right ingredients to combining taste, texture, colors and the aesthetics of the food. It is always about the senses.

Your perfect meal would include/consist of…
…fresh, wholesome ingredients: veggies, nuts & seeds, fresh herbs, and always avocado.

How did the idea for The Mix develop and what can readers expect of The Mix?
When it comes to cooking or eating a more healthy plantbased diet I often hear the words: no time, no ideas, no talent, don’t know how to cook, lack of inspiration. Being a working mom, I know it can be a challenge to find the time to cook an abundant healthy meal yet I want to make feeding my children nourishing and thoughtfully- prepared food a priority. You don’t have to be a chef to cook a delicious, wholesome meal and to take care of yourself with quality organic products. So I came up with recipes that are easy and quick to make–without having to sacrifice nutrients, taste, and aesthetics. I love food and want to create a delicious, beautiful, vibrant, and healthy cuisine. The Mix  offers flavorful, nutritious, and simple everyday plant-based recipes, incorporating only high-quality minimally-processed products, that I believe help optimize our health, energy, and radiance. The recipes are all mainly made in a high-speed-blender, or food processor, or even just with your hands–quick and easy. Perfect for everyday life. My mission is to inspire making the right food choices every day and to celebrate natural food. I hope the combination of taste, aesthetics, and sharing knowledge about the benefits is the key to finding love for natural food and to taking care of oneself. This book is made for everyone!