Wellness Consulting + Curation - Liora
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Wellness Consulting + Curation



I offer bespoke, aesthetically refined healthy and natural cousine solutions for your brand or destination.

My approach to food is about the individual ingredients and the healing properties they provide to help us support the body and the mind.

Food is the celebration of life!

I carefully create and curate food for different purposes and needs: from women´s health to fuelling athletes, and nurturing business people.

I help brands, destinations, retreats, fitness communities, and well-being festivals to position themselves in the wellness industry and to find their voice and style.

„The emotional aspect of the art of eating well is fascinating. Food does not only nurture us but brings people together, it can make us fall in love and the taste and scent of it creates memories. It can bring us back to our childhood, remind us of special moments, make us dream, and take us to faraway places. 

Its powerful in the most beautiful way.“ 



I offer menu and recipe development, curated aesthetically refined plant-based experiences, and food styling.


My focus lies on wholesome cuisine that is sensual and delicious. It´s a colorful journey about abundance, pleasure, and the celebration of the wonderful produce nature has to offer: whole, organic, plant-based foods in their least processed state that create a pure, healthy, vibrant, creative cuisine.

I create delicious recipes and visual food content to promote companies‘ products on social media and for other marketing purposes.

Further I offer brand ambassadorships and creative collaborations.

Inspiration and credibility through storytelling:

I set the scene effectively with a creative interplay of ceramics, home decor or various food products and my culinary creation.

The aromas, natural colors and aesthetic allure of refined healthy cooking and styling work together to spark our emotions and convey a positive attitude towards life. 

It inspires and drives wellness, self-care and a joyful, beautiful lifestyle.

I am the author of THE MIX.

A loving Blend of Plant-Based Recipes.

My book is about the joy of eating well and the culinary of nature`s wonderful produce.

With THE MIX I aim to inspire and guide my readers to fall in love with taking care of themselves through daily mindful and delicious nutrition.